Terms and Conditions For Free Venue Hire

Terms & Conditions for free venue hire places

Terms and Conditions:

FTScotland Ltd offer free places on our courses, for free venue hire.

If you want a place on an FTScotland Ltd course free of charge for a member of your staff. You must read and agree to the below terms and conditions prior to asking the candidate to complete the application form.

Once an application form has been received for a free place on our course, for free venue hire, if this place is cancelled, FTScotland would still require free venue hire as agreed.

A charge of £200.00 will occur if a candidate wishes to transfer their place on the course over to someone else. This is due to the administration cost and registration/certification and resources.

No booking for a course, can be made within 5 days of the course start date.

Cancellations Policy

In the case of cancelling your place on the training course, written/email notification is required in order to process the cancellation. A confirmation email will be sent once this has been processed.


It is mandatory candidates attend all dates and times, as advertised when booking. Our courses require full day attendance. In regards to our online course, you must have your webcam and mic on for the full duration. If you can’t attend in full, you will be charged the transfer fee.

Photo Consent 

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you are authorising consent for your photo to be taken during your course, and assessments, and authorising this can be used as a marketing resource, including but not limited to being used on our social media, (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and mailing lists).

You can apply to revoke your authorisation by emailing [email protected], at any time.

Transfer Policy

Should a transfer to an alternative course date be required, written/email notification must be received by FTScotland Ltd eight weeks prior to the advertised course start date. Alternative course dates must be provided when applying for a transfer of course.

FTScotland Ltd. will apply the following conditions and fees for course transfers:

  • Transfer requests received by FTScotland Ltd less than eight weeks prior to the start of the advertised course start date will incur an administration charge of £150, subject to course availability.
  • Transfer fees must be paid within 7-days of notification to FTScotland Ltd of transfer.
  • If FTScotland Ltd are unable to confirm a place on an alternative training course immediately, course fees will be held for a period of six months. Any fees not utilised within a six months period from the date of receipt will become forfeit.
  • Transferring your assessment date after completing your free re-sit must be made in writing via email two weeks prior to the chosen assessment weekend or your payment will be made forfeit.
  • If you transfer to another advertised course, you will forfeit the right of cancellation on the new course selected. All course fees are non-refundable.

Assessment Referrals/Deferrals/Re-sits

If you refer any component of your assessment, FTScotland Ltd will provide 2 free theory paper re-assessments and 1 free practical re-assessment of any failed section. Re-assessment dates must be made by written/email application from any other assessment date shown on website (subject to availability). Please note FTScotland cannot guarantee a space on your chosen re-assessment as spaces may be limited.

FTScotland Ltd will apply the following fees for re-assessments:

  • Practical re-assessments will incur a fee of £35.00 per assessment (after free re-assessment)
  • Theory re-assessments (per paper) will incur a fee of £20.00 per assessment (after second free re-assessment)

Failure to attend your assessment date will result in you having to attend the next suitable assessment date. An individual assessment may be arranged if a course assessor is available for you to be assessed privately for a fee which will vary.

Internet and use of technology

Due to a lot of our courses, being delivered via Zoom, we ask if any element of your course is being delivered via Zoom. You have a good stable internet connect, and use of a PC, Laptop or Tablet with webcam.

Your Learner assessment portfolio should be completed electronically and emailed.

Course Materials

FTScotland Ltd. will provide all manuals and resources necessary for the training course as mandatory.

  • E-Learning will be provided on written request and will be charged at:
    Level 2 – £35.00 (£70.00 when purchased after registration).
    Level 3 – £55.00 (£90.00 when purchased after registration).
  • When eLearning has been purchased this will not be refunded.
  • Replacement manuals/E-learning can be provided at a cost of £70 per manual (Level 2), £70 per manual (Level 3). E-learning can be purchased at £70 for Level 2 and £90 for Level 3.

If your course manual delivery returns to our suppliers after two failed attempts, there will be a charge of £7.05 for a re-delivery which you will be liable to pay for.


Certificates will be issued with the name as indicated on your application form. FTScotland Ltd will issue free replacements if it is deemed to be an administration error and if notification is received within two weeks of receiving the certificate.

FTScotland Ltd. will apply a charge of £50.00 for each replacement certificate, upon receipt of original assessment evidence.

Any change in personal circumstances resulting in a name change from that which was originally stated on the application form must be verified by legal documentation and FTScotland Ltd notified immediately by written/email. FTScotland Ltd will charge £50.00 for a replacement certificate.

Written/email notification must be provided immediately to FTScotland Ltd in regards to change of address. All certificates are sent recorded delivery and FTScotland Ltd cannot be held liable for non-receipt of certificates prior to any written notification of change of address.

Please note you are required to complete your qualification within a 24-month period. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are confirming you will complete this within 24 months of your start date of the course. If you fail to complete this all fees will be made forfeit and your qualification will have expired meaning you would need to re-apply for the course again to complete this.

If your employer has paid for your qualification, unfortunately, FTS is unable to provide your certificate directly to you without written permission from your employer.

Completion of Course:

You are allowed 24 months from the first day of your chosen course to successfully fully complete your qualification to allow for certification, if you don’t complete your qualification within 24 months this will result in the qualification being out of scope. If your qualification becomes out of scope this will result in you being required to resit your qualification, which would be at your own cost.

We allow additional time to complete Level 3 Active IQ qualifications. These are the only qualification exempt from the above 24-month rule.

You are allowed 36 months from the first day of your Level 3 Active IQ course to successfully fully complete your qualification to allow for certification, if you don’t complete your qualification within 36 months this will result in the qualification being out of scope. If your qualification becomes out of scope this will result in you being required to resit your qualification, which would be at your own cost.

Please note some qualifications can be withdrawn which could cause this timeframe to be shortened, if this happens you will be contacted by FTScotland LTD.

Data Sharing

FTScotland are required to share your personal data, that you have provided with our awarding bodies, e.g., Active IQ, SQA and BWL etc. Your details will also be shared with our course tutors, assessors and IQA. Please we aware by agreeing to these terms and conditions your data will be shared. This will only be shared where necessary. As part of most of our courses, you will be added into a WhatsApp group, with your course tutor, other learners and an administration WhatsApp.

Terms and conditions are subject to change – it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that they regularly check the terms and conditions.

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