Private Course Contract – Terms and conditions

Private course contract –Terms and conditions

Please read carefully before signing and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

This is a contract between  _______________ and FTScotland Ltd trading as Fitness Training Scotland. For the delivery of the _______________________________________ course by FTScotland Ltd. Being delivered on _____________________________. This course will be delivered at __________________________, FTScotland Ltd will not be liable for venue hire costs, these will be free of charge for the in-house private delivery.  By agreeing to this contract, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions within this contract.


1.1 These terms and conditions shall apply to all application forms received for the qualification. It is the responsibility of the course organiser to ensure all application forms and entry requirements are received by FTScotland Ltd 3 weeks prior to the start date of the qualification. Any application forms received less than 3 weeks before the course commences will result in the candidate being unable to attend the course and the full course fee being made forfeit. Once an application form has been submitted for this course, this application can’t be transferred to another course or to other candidates.

1.2 It is the responsibility of the course organiser to collect all candidate’s ID’s and entry requirements, to submit to FTScotland Ltd. All documents must be submitted to FTScotland Ltd at least three weeks prior to the start date of the course.  We highly recommend sending these in, as soon as possible to allow sufficient time for all ID’s and entry requirements to be approved or sent for further investigation by our awarding body to check if this can be used as an entry requirement.

1.3 All entry requirements are subject to approval by our awarding body. Entry requirements are required to display a unit breakdown, if the provided entry requirement doesn’t meet the awarding bodies requirement, this will be rejected. Please note that the entry requirement needs to show units specific to the qualification the candidate is applying for.  This is out of FTScotland Ltd’s control and is a requirement put in place by our awarding body and must be adhered to.

1.4 Some candidates submit entry requirements at a higher level, more commonly than not the unit breakdown doesn’t match the requirements and therefore is rejected so we highly recommend that this is checked prior to submission. Guidance is supplied by FTScotland Ltd.

1.5 FTScotland Ltd will register the candidate with the name on their application form, please note that if shortened names are added, this will be used. We recommend that all candidates apply using their full legal name.  If the candidate is going through changing their surname, evidence will be required by FTScotland Ltd. If the candidate wants to change this information after certification, this will be at a cost to the candidate.


2.1 FTScotland Ltd shall use reasonable endeavours to supply the training to the customer in accordance with these Terms and Conditions but reserves the right to change the course content of any training course at any time and without notice.

2.2 FTScotland Ltd shall use reasonable endeavours to meet any specified training dates, but any such dates shall be anticipated dates only and may be subject to alteration.

2.3 FTScotland Ltd reserves the right to amend the agreement if necessary to comply with any applicable law or regulatory requirement, or if the amendment will not materially affect the nature or quality of the training, and FTScotland Ltd shall notify the customer in any such event.

2.4 Notwithstanding the above sub-clauses, FTScotland Ltd reserves the right to cancel training at any time, without incurring additional liability to the customer or any candidates. In such circumstances, FTScotland Ltd will offer (at its sole discretion) alternative dates or a credit note.


The customer shall:

3.1 Co-operate with FTScotland Ltd in all matters relating to the training;

3.2 Where Training is being delivered at the customer’s premises, the customer will provide FTScotland Ltd with:

(i) access, training space, and any equipment necessary for the delivery of the Training; and

(ii) such facilities as are reasonably notified to the customer in advance.

(iii) It is the customer’s responsibility to organise and cover any charges that occur from hiring the venue.


4.1 Unless otherwise stated in the contract, the training charges shall be calculated per course per candidate basis.

4.2 50% of the total cost of the course will be required from the customer when making the booking to allow FTScotland Ltd to register the candidates with the awarding body and to order all required resources for the course. This invoice will be sent 6 weeks before the course, with a payment deadline 14 days thereafter.

4.3 The customer shall pay any invoice submitted by FTScotland Ltd within 14 calendar days of the date of the invoice, to a bank account provided on the invoice by FTScotland Ltd or in the case of online bookings, shall make payment as required by the online booking process.

4.4 Failure by the customer to pay the expected course fees on time will result in:

4.4.1 the candidates’ place on the course being withdrawn

4.4.2 FTScotland Ltd ceasing to provide the training

4.4.3 FTScotland Ltd will withhold any certification from the candidates if the payment hasn’t been made in full within the agreed timescale.

4.5 The minimum requirement of any FTScotland Ltd private course is eight candidates, if the customer does not supply the minimum requirement, they will still be charged the full course price for all eight candidates.


5.1 The customer may cancel the in-house private training course however FTScotland Ltd will retain 50% of the total cost of the course due to the outgoing costs incurred by FTScotland Ltd. If the customer wants to reschedule the same course with the same candidates, FTScotland Ltd will allow 50% of the total cost to be transferred to the later course. Cancellations must be provided via email to Sarah McDonald at [email protected] within four weeks of the course commencing.




8 Weeks Prior to the course commencing Stage 1 The course organiser must contact FTScotland Ltd a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the course commencing. At this stage, FTScotland Ltd will arrange a call and back up the call with an email to confirm the following information: Price Minimum and maximum attendees.Organise dates for the course. Entry requirements ID requirements Course contract It is the responsibility of the course organiser to collect all entry requirements and ID’s and submit them on the confirmed deadline or before.
6 Weeks Prior to the course commencing Stage 2 The course organiser must come back to FTScotland Ltd no less than 6 weeks prior to the course commencing to confirm if they wish to go ahead with the course, confirm candidates’ names and confirm the number of candidates looking to attend. The signed contract must be received by FTScotland Ltd at this stage. At stage 2 FTScotland Ltd will invoice for 50% of the agreed full price. This invoice should be paid within 14 days of receipt.

FTScotland Ltd will provide a course code, private course application form and ask that the course organiser collect all ID’s and entry requirements of those attending. FTScotland Ltd will ask for a list of confirmed attendees for the course. Once names have been confirmed and application forms have been received, these cannot be changed.

3 Weeks Prior to the course commencing Stage 3 All application forms, ID’s and entry requirements must be submitted no less than 3 weeks prior to the start date of the course. Any application forms, ID’s, or entry requirements received after this deadline, will result in candidates not being able to attend the course.

If the above deadlines are not adhered to, FTScotland Ltd will be required to pull the course, and all invoiced fees will be made forfeit. This will include the agreed 50% of the full rate, (this is non-refundable and non-transferable).

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