Isobel Black

Isobel Black


My passions

These have changed over the years, since having my kids a lot of my free time is spent with my family and friends.

I totally love being a mum. Due to my busy lifestyle I have a home gym which I should spend more time in but love once I apply myself. I love to travel and show my kids different cultures, traditions, history and food. We have been lucky to see a bit of the world together.

I am partial to a Morgan’s and diet coke or when I am living it up a French martini.

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My main roles within Fitness Training Scotland are:

I am one of the directors of Fitness Training Scotland. My main roles within the company are to manage and support our number of different contracts. I internally verify the qualifications throughout different stages to ensure that our courses are standardised and taught/delivered to a high standard. I also assess Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer as well as deliver Modern Apprenticeships.

My relevant fitness qualifications for FTS are:

  • V1 Verifier qualification
  • A1 Assessor qualification
  • Gym Instructor Award level 2
  • Advanced Gym Instructor Level 3
  • Certificate in Personal Training Level 3
  • Certificate in Nutrition and Health level 3
  • Training in different environments level 3
  • Client Lifestyle and Fitness Assessment level 3
  • Diploma in Swedish Massage
  • Kettlebell