Active IQ Obesity Myths – Online


£50 non refundable online course

This online workshop investigates a number of key issues around the subject of obesity and will cover UK/European obesity trends, US dietary trends, obesity Vs calories, dietary trials, energy paradox, an individual’s biology, insulin and triglyceride storage and insulin resistance.

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This course contains:

  • Introduction
  • UK/European Obesity Trends
  • US Dietary Trends
  • Obesity Vs Calories
  • Dietary Trials
  • Energy Paradox
  • An Individuals Biology
  • Insulin & Triglyceride Storage
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Summary

This is taught through e-learning, once enrolled on the course you will be given access to your online workshop where you will simply log on, work through the chapters of information and complete the final test to gauge your learning.

Once completed you will receive your completion certificate.