Level 4 Diploma in British Weight Liftings’ Coaching Strength and Conditioning (Payment Plan)

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The Level 4 Strength and Conditioning (S&C) qualification has been designed for aspiring strength and conditioning coaches, with the ambition of providing high-quality S&C support to athletes of all abilities. This includes Level 3 Personal Trainers, Advanced Level 3 Gym Instructors and Coaches engaged with the BWL education pathway i.e. coaches who have completed the BWL Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Strength and Power alongside relevant experience and/or industry related qualifications (e.g. degree in related field, armed forces PT qualifications, advanced anatomy and physiology etc..). British Weight Lifting’s aim in developing this course was to highlight the skills and knowledge required to be an effective strength and conditioning coach and as a result, provide a syllabus of learning for aspiring coaches. We believe the information in this course can help provide the foundations for effective coaching in the strength and conditioning industry.

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What will I learn?

British Weight Lifting has developed this course in partnership with several contributors from the world of academia as well as experienced strength and conditioning practitioners. This provides a blend of evidence-based insight and real-world experience to give coaches the understanding and skills required to operate effectively in the strength and conditioning industry.

The course covers the key areas associated with being an effective S&C coach. This includes understanding the technical and physical skills that are required to utilise gym-based training modes such as weightlifting (Olympic lifting), resistance training (e.g. barbells, dumbbells) and plyometric training. Coaches will also be introduced to technical frameworks relating to sprinting, change of direction and agility.

A key responsibility for the S&C coach is to design periodised programmes that allow athletes to peak for key events and competitions (including the ability to maintain high levels of performance over a sporting season). During this course coaches will learn more about the principles that underpin effective programme design and how to balance the training, competition and recovery demands required to support the performance enhancement process. Examples of S&C programmes are integrated to provide coaches with real-world context.

In the course there is a focus on providing coaches with insight into the S&C coach’s role. To help achieve this, we have integrated interviews from S&C coaches who work in different sporting domains. In addition, we have also interviewed several members of the multidisciplinary team (e.g., sports coaches, physiotherapists etc…) to provide coaches with insight into the demands of working as part of an athlete support team.

A major focus is also placed on the development of psychological or ‘soft skills’ in the role of a S&C coach. These are often highlighted as vital skills that a coach needs to possess, however, they are often paid lip service. In this course coaches will not only learn about the importance of developing skills such as making a positive first impression, developing rapport and managing conflict, they will also be introduced to strategies that can help them improve their ability in each of these areas.

Course Info

Delivery Method: Fully Online

Length of course: 370 hours

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Entry Requirement

You must be at least 18 years of age on the course start-date, have a minimum of one-year experience in participation in strength and conditioning-related activities and must hold one or more of the following qualifications;

  • Level 3 Personal Training qualification
  • Advanced Level 3 Gym Instructor qualification
  • British Weight Lifting (BWL) Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Strength and Power qualification alongside relevant experience and/or industry-related qualifications (e.g. degree in related field, armed forces PT qualifications, advanced anatomy and physiology etc…)

Learners should have basic skills in communication that will allow them to read, write, discuss and present throughout the course (i.e. be able to communicate effectively in English). Learners should possess foundational IT (information technology) skills so they can navigate through the course material and complete the online assessments.


At the start of the course, you will have an online induction session with a BWL course assessor, which can be booked by contacting [email protected] or our team will contact you with the next available date . Your assessor will talk through the course requirements so that you understand what to expect as you work through the course and explain how to contact your assessor should you need any additional support during your course. The course integrates different assessment methods to help you get the most out of your learning. These include:

Module assessments: at the end of each module learners are required to complete a short online assessment that will help to determine their readiness to progress. These are automatically marked on the BWL e-learning platform and provide you with automatic feedback (these can be attempted unlimited times).

Assessed tasks: these are distributed throughout the modules and require longer-form answers that are marked by a BWL assessor.

12-week case study: the case study provides the aspiring S&C coach with the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned in a real-world setting. The case study is marked by a BWL assessor.

Practical assessment: the practical assessment allows a coach to demonstrate they have the ability to coach an athlete using a range of training modes. The practical assessment is overseen/assessed by a BWL assessor (the practical assessment can be completed via online video submission).

Completion of these assessments will allow you to demonstrate the required knowledge, skills and understanding to receive the BWL Level 4 Diploma in Coaching Strength and Conditioning and meet the professional standards of the CIMSPA Graduate Strength and Conditioning Coach.