Level 2 Award in Coaching Strength Training (Payment Plan)

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The Level 2 Award in Coaching Strength Training is an entry level course. If you have at least one years’ experience participating in strength-based activities and you would like to develop your knowledge to become a Strength Coach this course will enable you to start coaching.
This course is also for you if you are already working as a Trainer or Instructor within the fitness industry and would like to add Strength Coaching to your CV.

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What will I learn?

Effective coaching techniques and how to work with a range of different clients with sports specific goals or strength targets, including individuals and groups. Safe coaching practices, how to design and plan strength-focused training sessions, a detailed profile of 11 key strength training exercises and an understanding of programming, anatomy and nutrition in line with strength training.

Course Info

Delivery Method: Fully Online

Length of course: 12 – 16 hours

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Entry Requirement

You must be at least 16 years of age at the time of booking, have a minimum of one years’ experience of participation in weightlifting and/or strength-based activities and be able to communicate effectively in English


Completion of an eLearning platform.

What does this qualify me to do?

Whilst this course has been developed using our extensive knowledge of Olympic weightlifting, it is not limited to the Olympic lifts. It has been designed to benefit a variety of individuals, regardless of their gym experience, including people with specific goals to improve performance across a range of different sports.