British Weightlifting Level 2 Award in Olympic Weightlifting


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What Are BWL Workshops?

  • 5 hour workshop with the best UK weightlifting coaches.
  • Get a full breakdown and coaching session on both snatch and clean & jerk.
  • Learn a range of accessory movements to add to your current training/programming.
  • Learn how to lift safely.
  • Learn how to warm up correctly for both snatch and clean & jerk.

Who Are They For?

BWL Workshops are ideal for:

  • Those who are familiar with weightlifting movements.
  • Those with basic knowledge of how to perform Olympic style weightlifting.
  • Those who compete in Olympic weight lifting.
  • Those who want to improve technique, add to their total or get some invaluable coaching from the best.


Please select the date/location of the course you would like to attend below and complete the online application form.

Further information will be sent to attendees prior to the event. This will include venue information, timings and a course breakdown.

You will also be granted access to the BWL E-learning platform for supporting technique videos to help with your learning.