Andrew Chappell

Andrew Chappell

Fitness Training Scotland Tutor and Assessor.

BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, PGCert, RNutr (Sport)

My passions

I am an active pro natural bodybuilder, strongman and powerlifter, with over 15 years’ experience competing in these disciplines.

I use my combination of academic knowledge, classroom teaching skills and practical health and fitness experience to deliver the course material to you in a way which is accessible but also fun! What’s clear from my sessions is my passion for health and fitness, and my love for exercise and nutrition science.

My relevant fitness qualifications for FTS are

  • PhD in Human Nutrition
  • Master’s degree in human nutrition
  • BSc (honours) in sport and exercise science
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Andrew Chappell

Delivering the Certificate in Personal Training level 3 qualification